Cord Cutting Guide

Cutting the Cable Cord

By now you have likely heard or know about the obvious financial benefit of cutting the cable cord. For many people this is an easy decision based on their financial and entertainment preferences. While you can save hundreds of dollars a year by deciding to get rid of cable, there are some people who are concerned about what they will be missing if they get rid of cable. Many people mention missing out on live television, sports, or news programs, but there are options around this. While getting rid of cable may make some people hesitate, there are obvious benefits and ways to ease this hesitation.

One concern people have about getting rid of cable is missing television shows the night that they air. While this can take some adjusting to, you are still able to catch the show the next day online. On top of this, there are streaming services that post new television episodes the same day that they air. This means that you are still able to get rid of cable and keep up with your favorite shows the day or day after they air. This allows you to keep up with the show and still be able to discuss it with your friends.

Missing sporting events is another worry people have about cancel tv. While this may seem like a legitimate concern, there are definite ways around this. For example, major sports leagues offer special packages that allow you to access live games from any streaming device. While it comes with a monthly cost, when you consider what you are saving by not paying a cable television bill you can still end up saving more money a month by not having cable. Also, many major sports leagues are embracing people who have cut the cord and are airing live sporting events on social media and online platforms, making access to these games even easier.

A lot of people get their news through television programs, but there are better options than this. If you get rid of cable you are still able to keep up with the news through online news networks. Major national and local news networks post everything online. This allows you to keep up with the stories and issues you are interested in without having to waste time watching television news. In all reality, getting your news online is becoming a better option that cable news anyway. Read to gain more info about cord cutting.

It is understandable to have some hesitation when it comes to cutting the cable cord. When you really think about your options though, getting rid of cable makes both economic and entertainment sense. Even without cable you are still able to catch new television shows, watch live sports, and keep up with the news. Given the obvious benefits of cutting the cord, what are you waiting for?